Responsive Next Steps

Hi All,

I have build out my MVP in and have a question regarding responsive for mobile and what I should do next.

My platform currently has been designed 1440 x 600 and I am yet to even look at the responsive engine which is my next step. My platform needs to be a web page which works on mobile and desktop and also an App for the App Stores.

Do I need to re-design the whole platform if I also want a mobile app? Or do I just need to work on the responsive side? And do I need a separate project entirely for the app version or I can do it all in the same project? Also when it comes to learning, shall I look at the Flexbox or just research the previous engine?

Sorry for the newbie question. I just wanted to know where I stand before looking into it further.


You should definitely use the new responsive engine. It will save you a lot from redesigning the pages to fit both mobile and desktop!