Responsive page sometimes opens weirdly on mobile sometimes

Hi bubble fam,

My users scan a QR code to open our app in the browser.

“Sometimes” the page and popup open as though there are multiple columns and it looks really weird (see image below). See how the text is going down the page?
This has only started since I moved to the responsive engine.

Has anyone encountered this problem or know how to fix it?


Do you control popup’s visibility based on a custom state?

Yes. The popup displays data and then is opened when a custom state is changed.

Is popup really a popup element or are you using a regular group as a popup?

Does it show weird when you directly open up the popup or does it show like this when website is opened through QR code?

It only shows when the website is opened with a QR code. And not all the time.

It is a regular popup. A reuseable element.