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Responsive Q: What am I doing wrong in alignment?

OK - so I have a test app here

The responsive version is more or less there (only for homepage). However the text “No more spreadsheets or emailing links to yourself back and forth.” doesn’t align with rest of the page? I just cannot figure out why… any hints on where I went wrong?

Can you share a link to your editor?

Sure - I should’ve done it earlier -

It looks like you’ve got a lot of nested groups that I don’t quite know what they’re doing. I’d also think about putting your “No more spreadsheets…” text in the same group as your “Track jobs…” text, then force them to behave the same that way.

One more thing I’ll add: it’s really helpful to give your groups meaningful names so you know what purpose they serve. “Group A” is harder to work with in the future than “Group Call to Action”

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Yep - you make a good point. I should name the groups appropriately. And thanks for the nested groups comment. I did think I might’ve screwed up at that end. Admittedly - I still haven’t got the hang of Responsiveness in Bubble. Thanks though!

It definitely takes a while! Have you watched the 30 minute intro?

I’ve watched the official video in documentation + the one that @brentsum did. The sum of that information is my naive implementation. Although I don’t think like a programmer, so it takes a while to pick up on things. And then keep practicing them!

Practice practice for sure! I find that my designs work best when I build them component at a time, instead of page at a time. So I’d get a section working exactly how I want it, then move to do another section.

Ah that’s interesting. That’s an approach I would’ve taken, except that the general consensus seems to be Responsive is not MVP - get the project done then focus on making it responsive. Although as I have learnt now, I don’t look forward to going back and making everything responsive for all the other pages :slight_smile:
Anyhow! Thanks for you help… I will remember your advice.

If part of being viable is that your product needs to work on multiple screen sizes, then it is part of your MVP! They keyword in MVP is “viable,” not “minimum.”

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