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I previously thought this was a bug, but now I’m thinking it may be that I’m doing something incorrectly. There are a total of 4 audio files which I am attempting to display, with 3 in each row, but responsive as I condense the screen I want them to go to the next line.

When I condense the screen past a certain point(mobile size), 2 out of the 4 audio files being displayed disappear. Example below:

When the screen is the size of an iPad, it displays 2 on each row(correct)

When the screen is the size of a mobile phone, it only displays 2 and 2 completely disappear. If I scroll up and down there is only 2, take my word for it.

Here is how I have the responsive design set up:

Note: In the live environment, nothing at all goes to the next line. It only displays 1 audio file and everything else disappears. If you want to see the live environment yourself on a mobile device. The live environment has 2 audio files, but still the same behavior.

Anyone know how to make all files in the full list display, without anything disappearing??


This is tricky without seeing the editor. However, have you tried making the RG not fixed width and set the max width to 100, and possibly checking the box for wrap to previous line of the page is stretched? Hard to give you a definitive answer on this one.

Thanks for your help, yes, I’ve tried that with no luck…

I submitted a bug report, since I feel I’ve done everything possible to fix this problem.

Not sure if this will help, but I think it unlikely that this is a bug. Here are a couple of screenshots of a similar responsive 3-column RG that I have:

Editor RG settings:

Responsive RG settings:

Editor Group within RG settings:

This setup collapses/wraps the groups as you would expect as screen size changes.

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Still no luck. It’s weird. The only thing that will make the 3 columns work, when the screen is wide, is if it’s a fixed width. I have a feeling that has something to do with the issue.

Do you have any HTML elements or any custom CSS or Javascript on the page? I’m wondering if something is screwing up the formatting, because this behavior doesn’t happen on any of the apps I’m building

Ah I have seen this problem before, and trying to recollect it can be fixed with the cell min width.

As a start try putting your repeating group cell content in a group (not the whole repeating group, but the cell content) - set that cell group min width so it fits into mobile minimum - example 360px.

In the repeating group set min width to say 365 of 360. Seems nuts I know, but give it a shot and see if that helps. This seems to occur with horizontal display only and I have no idea why, but yes I have had hair pulling moments trying to get a two and three column repeating groups to rap in mobile without vanishing or squishing etc…

Play around with the responsive settings.

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Yea, still no luck my friend. It either lines everything vertically(not what I want) or it will display correctly until I shrink the browser down to mobile view. At the point it will make entire repeats in the repeating group disappear.

Nope, no css or javascript. It’s stock bubble.

Just imagine the “|” below represents a repeat of content in the repeating group. Lets pretend we have 4 objects needing to be displayed. This is how it’s currently displaying:

When the screen is wide:
| | |

When the screen is about iPad size:
| |
| |

When the screen is shrunken to mobile size:

See above how only 2 of the total 4 displays. I want all 4 to display on mobile view. 2 whole repeats just vanish.

So, to further clarify, I want it to display as such in mobile:

Is there a way to maybe say, if mobile device then repeating group is not fixed with, if anything else, repeating group is fixed width? That may be a solution or a work around…

I was able to confirm with Bubbles help team that this is a bug.

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Is this something they’re looking to fix in the near term? Just curious what the next steps are. Thanks for filing the report and keeping us all informed!

You’re welcome. They couldn’t commit to a time frame unfortunately, so it’s unclear how long it will take. They do intend on addressing the issue though.

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I have had this issue and feel your pain. From memory I kind if did a work around by setting the min width of RG to contain at least one cell width + 10 pix so they did not disappear and I also recall putting the rg in a group and also playing with the min max width.

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