Responsive RG Help - Stretching rows | Min height

I’m having an issue with stretching rows and min height in the new responsive RG’s. Below is 2 min video I made explaining my issue. What do you think? Thanks for any help!

Explanation video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Your inner repeating group seems to have a minimum height per row of 100px. That could be throwing things off.

@SlamDuncan for your outer repeating group(the repeating group holding another repeating group inside),

  • On the appearance tab: uncheck the “stretch rows to fit vertical space”

  • Then on the layout tab:
    uncheck “make this element fixed-width”,
    min-width = 0 max-width = 0
    check the “fit width to content”

    uncheck “make this element fixed height”,
    set the min height to your prefered value or
    min-height = 0 max-height = 0
    check the “fit height to content”