Responsive RG : issue with the number of cell

Hi everyone,

I have a RG with items to sell. The layout style is Fixed number of cell (8x4), so that I can make pagination (if I’m not mistaken, I need to put a fixed number of cell to create a pagination).

Here is the detail :

However, when I’m on a mobile, the number of cell is different (16 rather than 24), and the pagination is exactly the same. I would like to have 24 items also in the mob version. And I don’t really understand why it’s not the case. There is maybe a link with the “Fixed number of cell”, however I don’t really know how to create a pagination without it.

Thanks for your help !

What does the condition say?

It’s a condition for mob version :
Capture d’écran 2020-12-23 à 10.26.58

It’s exactly the same except the “filtered” part

… mmhh what does the :filtered look like? … Seems you are performing a search for mobile vs a search for larger screens. This might be the problem. Is it the same? … Why do diff searches?

TO be responsive, I have two blocks of filters : one for computer

One for mobile (floating group) :

The :filtered is exactly the same except the source :


Three things that come to mind:

  • Consider setting up the filter rg as a reusable element for both desktop and mobile. This way you are only using one rg for both.
  • Consider vertically-stacking all content groups and setting their visibility conditional as needed and to collapse when hidden. This could avoid any possible problem of the rg hitting any hard to catch responsiveness problem with other groups or elements in the page. This is a long shot but could work.
  • In both searches make sure that you set the ignore constraints option .

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