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Responsive screen bigger than 1200 px

Hello there,

We create this plateforme so far the responsive is not so bad with screen less or equal to 1200 px but when the screen is bigger than 1200 px is not adjust. Here the plateforme :
Here the other plateforme we made as an exercice to understand how was working bubble ;
This one doesnt have the issue of the 1200 px.

Any idea of why and how we can fixed it ?

Have a great day,

@grovy take this with a grain of salt as I don’t have a background in design but I think the site looks fine with the exception of the footer, which I’d probably make full width. If you want everything to stretch out more, have you tried increasing the max width of the elements in question?

I didnt try, but its doenst look nice in a laptop with 1440 px for exemple and that is the issue

1440 by what?

I think it is looking fine on my PC (1660 PX width)

Here is the screenshot-

But you can tell from this one and the other one that you got a really hudge margin in both side. Compare to this one

@grovy If you want to increase the width, use max width key to increase the width. So that When big screen is detected then your view is also stretched.