Responsive settings for text boxes side by side

I’m trying to put two text boxes of different lengths side by side. When changing the width of the page, the heights change differently and they become misaligned. I’m trying to find a way to keep them the same height, but no combination of grouping and settings has worked so far. Here’s the problem in pictures

I set this up for full width

and then when compressed, this happens

Any ideas on how to keep them both the same height? Thanks!

Using a Repeating Group with 2 columns instead of 2 regular groups might probably do the trick? This would keep both cells aligned.

Interesting. How would you get the different colors and different widths? Would you insert the text content via state variables or something like that?


You can make the texts in option sets, and have 2 attributes, the text (Display) and colors (text).

And have the RG with this option set as data source.

The height and width will depend on the number of characters of each text :slight_smile: :computer:

I’m afraid I’m not finding the option to make the width adapt to the text length. Both columns of the repeating group come out always the same width.