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Responsive to screen size

I’m in the process of submitting my app to apple and I’m having issues with the responsive layout.
I’ve been using TestFlight and the BDK Native app to visually test things out and everything works well on mobile.

But it’s not responsive to the screen size, and is adding a scroll to the page where there isn’t supposed to be one. And on the iPad view, it moves everything up and shows a large amount of blank area on the bottom (see below).

Here is a video showing the problem as well:

I’ve tried using the new responsive engine layout, but haven’t had any success with that either.
Any suggestions?

Link to Editor: Showinghelp | Bubble Editor

It appears that the google map element may not be compatible with the new responsive engine. It has fixed width and height options.

I still have a clone of the original home page (not using the new responsive engine).
Do you have any suggestions for that?

Or another map option?

The default bubble map element is fully responsive but I’m guessing it lacks the features you need.

I’m using the google map BDK plugin, but I don’t think the issue is with the map.

You may already know this but in your video you are in debug mode which adds height to your design. Which will cause it to scroll even at a 100% height. Setting the debug to false in the URL will show you what it looks for real.