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Responsive trouble (iframe hosting travesty of justice) hehe

Hi Bubblers!

So, I bought a domain through

When I execute domain masking at goDaddy, so I can send people to my lovely beta website, something strange happens.

Can anyone help this?
SITUATION: goDaddy implements their domain masking (your domain masks bubble’s in the URL bar.)
For desktop… no problem, (responsive works)
For apple phones… no problem (responsive works)
For ANDROID !#$? … the site is locked into a fixed width mode as goDaddy uses an iFrame to push the domain mask…
So the darned rootin tootin site appears full screen and TINY on my smart phone. (I mean, I can see the entire width of my site as if I’m looking at a tiny desktop computer.)

Is there some metatag I could put in the header (or other wickedly clever solution) to combat this travesty of justice?

If anyone can help, THAAAAAANK YOU :slight_smile: