Responsive viewer looks totally different


I’m trying to refine the responsive view of a web app I’m making, however whenever I switch to the responsive viewer the preview looks totally different to what I’m seeing in the UI builder?
Elements hidden, elements changed colour, etc

Pic below as an example

Any idea why?

Hello @indisposiderek welcome to the community!

Long but worthwhile watch! :grinning:

Thanks for that cmarchan, I have watched this webinar.
Whilst I now appreciate the importance of building with responsive considerations from the outset, I am trying to troubleshoot responsive issues now.

However that video does not answer my specific question: why are many of the elements completely different in responsive viewer? I would understand if elements are misaligned or resized, but I do not see the logic in why elements are changing colours in responsive viewer. and Greg’s video does not specifically cover this

How are the colors of your elements defined?

There was no green in any colour settings or conditional settings, I just went and checked this now to take screenshots and magically the green colours have stopped appearing. Might’ve been a bug, thanks anyway :slight_smile: