Responsiveness for floating groups

Hi there,

I have a very simple floating group on my website pages. It vertically floats relative to the top. All that is in the floating group is my logo (on the left), a contact us button and a hamburger icon (on the right).

I am wanting the logo to always be situated close to the left side of the screen, no matter the device and for the contact us button and hamburger icon always to be situated close to the right side of the screen.

However, I am having issues with this. On my macbook pro 13-inch the screen looks like this:

And then on my monitor (1920x1080) the screen looks like this:

I have tried a few things and I am not having any luck. When it looks right in my mac, then it often looks wrong on the monitor. Then when it looks right on the monitor, it doesn’t look right on the mac.

Please if there is a simple solution for this it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!!

Hi @sales14
I think your floating group layout is fixed.
You need to change the layout of your header
For example :