Responsiveness Improvements

Anyone else here been playing with the responsiveness on their apps? It seems to be improving a lot. There used to be a lot of things that wouldn’t work that just work automatically now. It’s kind of cool. Makes things easier. Like it’s just working better now. @eve were there some updates pushed the last couple weeks that have been improving responsiveness and how it works?

For example. When one element in a group was longer than the group itself it would mess up responsiveness, now it just keeps to the group it is in. :+1:

It’s funny preparing for a responsive class when the responsive engine is changing. :man_facepalming:


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NO! Don’t say this. That is taking away from my ego boost thinking that I just got better at the responsive editor. My most recent project definitely seems to be easier to set responsiveness on, although still need some tricks to get all things as you’d want. But yes, whether I got better at it, or the editor has been updated and improved, life for responsive design is easier.

I’ve noticed that


Could you highlight some of the changes? I find it weird not to see these updates in an official changelog.

haha :rofl: I am sure you are also getting better at it. :+1:

Like👆 that for example. But I have been purposely trying to break responsiveness on an app where things would normally break, and it’s not breaking for me. Like when elements overlap.

If I find more examples, I will let you know.

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I’ve noticed the overlap fix, as well as some floating group responsiveness fixes.

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Ironically, I had the same thing with overlapping text. Works great.

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