Responsiveness of Repeating Group

I am trying to have have 2 elements stack on top of each other. The header and who the players are from data that was collected. I am running into a problem where the data is all the way to the right of the header instead of being right underneath it. In the builder I have the elements stacked and it looks good, but when I preview them, it looks like a mess. Any help would be amazing!


Group you “header” element and RG in a column container. This way “header” will be always on top of the RG.

P.S. Also you can use first row of your RG to display header info using “current cell’s index is 0”, this way you can get rid of separate header element.

Have both elements in column container and still same thing.

Missed the screenshot. So right now all your elements in the cell are managed by RGs container layout (“row” in your case).
You can group all other elements except Header into a new row container. And change RGs layout to “column”. This way your new container with dynamic data will be placed below Header container.