Responsiveness problem : card problem

Hello so I am workin on my app but unfortunately I have big responsiveness problems.
I want to keep this element with the same ratio, no matter the page size :

With conditionnal, I managed to get the text size change, etc. and with basic responsiveness settings, to have the image and the card have the good size, but as you can see the blue thing does not want to stay in the corner I gave him (in the original element, the group has exactely the same size as the card, which is not the case when I am on mobile view) : as you can see the group elements’ height extend over the card (shape) so it causes that the blue thing is off the card :

I really don’t know how to fix that and I’m quite desperate. (I tried a lot of things, and I was wondering if it was not possible to turn this element into an image so the images keeps its proportions but I didn"'t manage to do so)
Thank you