Restaurant marketplace (with reservations) template


I would like to build an OpenTable clone. I was wondering if anyone knew of any templates that could help me get this started?

Booky would do half the job. You could browse by restaurant and make a reservation.

Where I think it’s insufficient is that each restaurant would need to have different levels of availability.
Eg some would have 10x 4-seater tables and 10x 2-seater tables, whereas others would have other availability.

So this is a key customisation feature. If anyone had any idea how I might accomplish this it would be much appreciated :smiley:

Hi, very nice idea, good luck !

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I built a table reservations system into a cafe management app last year. All I will say it’s complicated.

Lots of Factors:

Number of tables
Seats per table
Availability by time slot
Availability by day of week
Total capacity (maybe limited by kitchen not number of seats)
Total capacity in a given time slot (i.e. we can’t have all tables arriving at 8pm so limit that time slot based on capacity already booked)
Cut off bookings (so if they close at 10pm for food don’t allow any tables greater than 2 seats to book after 9pm)
Booking lead time (a table of 4 or less can book up with 24hrs notice but table of 8 needs 48hrs notice)
Blacklist guests (show no tables available)

The list of requirements kept on coming.

Good luck

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Thanks @simon. You’re absolutely right. Seems simple on the face of it, but the more I dug into it the more complicated it got!

Definitely think there’s an opportunity for someone to create a bubble template addressing this.

I think the best way will be to ask for a help of somebody who knows programming, there are a lot of such services on internet. In general your idea is very good and interesting. I think that such apps are a lot now and you need something innovative that will attract more users (maybe discounts of food or even taxi) you can make some things with delivery also. I have my own restaurant and if your application be good I will use it, if u are interested in good dishwashers for your restaurant you can check there

hey @alexcooney5 , did you ever succeed this project? I’d love to see it!