Restoring an older live database?

Hi, I am uploading a CSV file to the live database. How do I retain the original “Created Date” "Modified Date & “Created By” data? It looks like when mapping the fields, these columns get automatically updated with the current date & time.

I just dealt with this same issue, and the answer, unfortunately, is that you can’t retain those fields (or at least I couldn’t find a way, and I certainly tried). The way I worked around it (which is a hack for sure) was to create my own version of those fields and populate my version with the original information. Then, when creating new records, I populate my version during the creation workflow, and then I use my version of the fields to drive anything I need them for in the app. Like I said, a hack for sure, but it got me what I needed. Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike, That is the hack I am currently using. I was hoping there may be an easier fix.