Restrict acces for "thank you page"

Hi Bubblers,

So, i have a little problem for restricting acces to certain pages.
After placing an order within my application the user is redirected to the thank-you-page with an overview of order details.

But right now this thank-you-page is accessible for anyone who uses the adress bar in the browser:

For user who are not logged in i am able to redirect them.

But how do i accomplish a restriction of acces for logged in users on this page? I just want users to acces this page after they completed their order. Otherwise they see a lot of blank spaces.

I guess i need something like:
Redirect to index
only if
“This url doesn’t contains order’s unique ID”


I just want this page completely protected unless a user has just placed an order. Anyone know how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

That’s basically it, yes - if the URL doesn’t contain reference to a valid order then redirect to the index page.

Depending on how your page is set up and where in the URL the order is referred to (i.e. in the path, or in a query parameter) will determine how you do it. (but either way you’ll need to use Get Data From URL for that)

Or, if the thank you page has a content type of ‘Order’ you can just use ‘when current page order is empty’ for example.

Thank you so much! This one worked for me.

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