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Restrict access to certain data and change element property according to user age

I’m trying to prevent users below the age of 18 from viewing adult content in a video streaming web app.

I already know how to get the age through a formula I got from another post. Now my question is, how do I prevent my repeating group from showing content for adults if the current user is below 18?

In my data type called “movie”, I have a field called genre, and if a certain movie’s genre is “adult”, I want the repeating group to exclude that if the current user is below 18.

Also, I have a dropdown that allows users to filter movies by genre, as shown in the screenshot below:

As you can see, these are just static choices and I would like to leave it at that for now.
How do I prevent the app from showing the adult option if the user is below 18?

I figured I’d have to add a workflow that starts with “when a page is loaded”, but adding conditions it’s still a little vague for me, as I’m new to Bubble.

I’ll appreciate any help that is given to me.

I would have a field on the user that is ‘User_is_over_18’ That will be a checkbox and is a one way street.

Now your content will need to have a field that is ‘Not_suitable_for_U18’.

When you run the search for the repeating group, you now use these states to determine whether adult content is filtered from the search.

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What do you mean checkbox? Do you mean ‘User_is_over_18’ is a “yes/no” field type?
And if I make it that way, how do I make the program automatically set its value based on a user’s date of birth?

I think I got what you mean by this part. What you meant was add a conditional in the repeating group and the dropdown.

You should use a daily backend workflow to search for users who are 18 by date and User_us_over_18 = no and update that record.

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For the sake of everyone reading, I’d like to share how I was able to accomplish what I wanted to happen in the app:

So as nfisher mentioned, I added another field on the user called ‘User_is_over_18’, with a yes/no field type and a default value of “yes”.

Updating this value to a no happens when the user logs in and navigates to the homepage, as seen in the screenshot below:

Also, when the app finds out that the user is below 18 via the field type mentioned earlier, a conditional in both dropdown and repeating group filters the data source being used on those two elements:

This post is henceforth solved.