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Restrict app if email is not verified

Hi all,

I can’t seem to find a way to prevent a user from looking at the app if their email is not verified. Is the only solution to add in a workflow on every page saying “when page is loaded, send user to index if email isn’t verified” ? or is there an easier way to do this

You’re correct that you’d need to add a workflow on every page to check if the email is verified or not

damn thats kinda disappointing to hear :frowning: was hoping there’d be an easier method

You can create a reusable element with workflows and then just drag and drop this reusable element in every page. Similarly, if you have any element that is common across all pages, like header or footer, you can setup the workflows in just that one element.

Bubble tutorials

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okay thanks this made it a lot easier!

Hi, for some reason this logic isn’t working. The logic sends user back to verification page even if their verified=yes . any advice?