Restrict Bubble app to organization

Thanks for your reply – I really appreciate your help. I think I need just a little more help to connect the dots. I’m trying to set up a product catalog for folks internal to my organization and I’m using Uphunt as a template.

The desired behavior is that all the webpages would be blank to anyone not authenticated using an AD login (outside the org), and that the pages would display correctly to anyone who is authenticated via AD (inside the org – we have ADFS).

So as long as you have access to your orgs Azure account, you’ll just want to register an Azure ‘app’, get your keys,

I do have access to the Azure portal and I can spin up an Azure App Service (is that what you mean?), where I can run a REST endpoint.

choose which API permissions within the app that users should have, then use this info to setup in bubble api connector.

I’m not sure what the permissions in an Azure App Service would be in this scenario.

What is the function of this Azure App Service? Does it function as an authorization service that the Bubble app calls via the Bubble API Connector?

Would a user of the Bubble “login with social network”, which then triggers a call to the App Service, which returns a token to the Bubble app?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

EDIT: there is another thread on this forum on using ADFS with Bubble using OAuth2 as a mechanism but I’m not sure it was resolved.