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Restrict dates input

Hi all ,

my app is a review app … which means I’ll get a lot of fake reviews … and the reviews will cover a set period …

I want to apply a feature that will block reviews conflicting with another … e.g if the period of a persons review covers jan 09 to jan 10, no other person can load a review covering the same period … jan 09 to jan 10

Any suggestions on how to approach this …


yes there is a solution for that. You can work with “Only when conditions” while the button for saving is clicked. I made a simple example here, obviously it needs to be adapted to your date contraints.

Basically, you check whether for this Asset (which are viewing) and the date there is already a review existing, if yes you can’t save it and instead the pop up is shown.

Maybe this brings you further along.

Many greetings.


Thanks a mil Sara …


Glad it helped :wink: You can mark it as solved so that others can see (if they’re encountering the same problem)