Restrict free usage

Hey guys,

I’m making a free email finder with the Anymailfinder API. I’d like to give website visitors the ability to find x emails for free before signing up. How would I make sure that free usage of visitors is restricted to a certain amount, before they’re prompted to create an account?

id also be interested in knowing about this

I’m thinking of making it ip-related, so using the Bubble ip plugin. But my fear is that when using the method I have in mind (storing IPs and then restricting usage if the IP is already logged) I’ll end up with a HUGE db of IPs which will slow things down. Thoughts?


I wouldnt have thought storing IP addresses would clog things up too much. If you were worried about that though, there will for sure be a way you could automate a clear out of old IP addresses that haven’t converted into sales after a period of time.

Yup, probably. So next step would be to figure out how to restrict usage / not schedule API workflow ‘only if’ IP doesn’t exist in DB. Either that, or go with the workaround I came up with.