Restrict sign up to pre-entered email addresses

Hi all,

Is there a way to restrict the ability to sign up to my app to a list of pre-entered email addresses?

Basically my platform should only be accessible to some 20 people (whose names and email addresses I have).

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks!

Probably a lot of ways to do that.

You could just build the usual onboarding process, and manually encode every single email adress, as there are only 20.

Then, if necessary, you let your users the possibility to reset their password with the email+token way.


Thanks @michelduprez, appreciate your support.

I’m a bit new to this. What are the steps to manually encode an email address? (The standard onboarding workflow is done)

Most simple way is to encode it in the Data tab, “App data” sub tab. You should see there your Data types’ views.

More ergonomic way is to build some backend app page with your own Repeating Groups, but that’s certainly not useful for 20 mail adresses.

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