Restrict users to only 1 upvote

I’m setting up an upvote based RG sorting.
I have set up an icon, when clicked the parent group elements upvote will be +1. The default upvote value is 1. The problem is users can keep clicking on it & upvoting it as many times.

How do I restict an user to just 1 upvote? Please help

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You can do it a few ways, but one way that comes to mind is to keep a list of upvotes from the user in his user database. Then it would need to verify they he hasn’t already upvoted, prior to voting. It might be a tad slow, you will have to check.

How do I do that? What should I setup under the Workflow

I think its better to reorganize your database.

One way is to change the “vote” field to a thing. Vote = “list of users”. Workflow to add is “when this user clicked the vote button, make changes to votes, add current user to votes.

Please have a look. What am I doing wrong? It still counts evertime I click

There would be a Only When condition in this popup. You need to add a condition there so that this doesn’t run when the user has already added

Thanks for all your help guys. Love u all
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I found a detailed solution here. It worked

You can try to use this without the vote counts. Just use the user voted: count for number of votes. This will avoid redundancy of data but not sure how it impacts the performance.

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