Restricted Access - can we do it here?

Does anyone know how to restrict access to content just like on this website?
When you scroll down a little part of content is covered with light gray layer. On click window pops up asking you to sign up or upgrade the membership. Can we do it in Bubble?

Hey there @bestbubbledev,

This is definitely achievable in Bubble!

Yup, agree with @johnny. This is pretty straight forward.

The list of courses would be things with a yes/no flag indicating whether it is publicly accessible or not.

Then you create a repeating group to list the course elements.

Default you set a workflow on click to show the content in the large display field.

And you add a condition that if your yes/no flag for an element is set to not public then you show a grey transparent overlay that on click starts a workflow showing the register/login pop-up instead.

The only thing that might be a bit complex is to think through your offerings if there are different subscriptions (count of views, or duration of time they are valid e.g. a day/week/month/year) and how you would implement them in connection with the user element.

Thanks for your reply I’ll look into it and get back to you. I figure just restricting the whole page might be the easier solution at the moment for me.

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