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Hello there!

I am petty new here and I’m currently building a booking app. Basically, I would like users to be able to book appointments with members. The thing is I want members to go through training before posting and have appointments! The training is not on bubble though.

I’m a little bit confused about how I could make that work. I would like members to apply on my bubble website and then be redirected to the training website. Only once the training completed, they would have access to the bubble website. I don’t want members to be able to log in before the training is over. How would that work? I was thinking I could create a field “training” under user type with yes or no and when the answer is no they cannot access the website but once their training is complete I go change to yes manually in the database and then they have access. Would that work? Could it be automatic instead?

I’m sorry for the typos! English is not my first language

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can update the training field to yes once the training process is complete. Make changes to current user


Perfect! Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

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