Restricting temporary/unsignedup users to login page

Is there a way without adding something to every single page, to block temporary users / not-signed-up / anonymous users from all pages of my app except for the login and singup pages?
Or do I have to set this up somehow on every single page we create and make sure team building the app never forgets :frowning:
We’re building a b2b app and there is no access unless signed up.

Sounds like you have too many pages.

You would of course have privacy rules for all your data which will prevent unauthorized users seeing anything that doesn’t belong to them and on every page you would have a workflow that has one step to navigate to the home/login/signup page if they are not logged in.

You can also set all your main container reusable elements/groups not visible on page load and have a conditional that says when current user is logged in , the element is visible.

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