Resuable element as navbar?

Here is a video to get me better:

So how do i get this navbar on top but still keeping the responsiveness? And the rest of the elements down below? I did it before but somehow the reusable element doesn’t work!

(for the page responsiveness i used Row)

Please help!

HI there, @judavanzanden2010… if you are using a row for the page’s layout, then it seems like the page is doing exactly what you are telling it to do by putting everything in a row. One way you could “fix” that is to change the page’s layout to column, make the navbar the first element in the column, and then put the other elements in a group that has a layout of row.

Hope this helps.


Hi there, it worked, but also didn’t?

Here is a video:

Thanks already!!

I don’t know what you are asking at this point, but I gave you the way to fix the issue you were having, and it looks like you were able to use that info to do what you wanted.


Sorry for being unclear!

But the row group doesnt stack. It just pushes into the ‘walls’


Your minimum width is too high (1850) so it’s not getting squished any smaller than that