Resuable elements - Can it hide itself

Have a page with a number of child-forms set up as reusable-elements and each form has a form-name

Page has a state (visible-forms being a list of form-name’s on the page)

Each RE has a parameter that refers to the parents-visible-items and each RE has a group with a ‘if this RE’s form-name is in parent-visible-items then visible else invisible’ conditional on it. This works nicely to hide the RE’s content

however, it doesn’t actually hide the RE on the parent form.

Trying to avoid replicating the above conditionals on each RE that I drop in the parent (hoping to get a free lunch here).

Is it possible to have the RE hide itself (rather than the object it contains)

Yes an RE can hide itself. Use the workflow action Hide Element and select the reusable element, which yes, can be done in the reusable element and on other reusable elements or pages that contain the reusable element to hide.

Thanks. Appreciate the feedback