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Hello everyone,

I have a page result on my e-commerce website which looks like this :

But when I’m looking for a product with few results, here is the result :

I would like to erase the blank created between the footer and the products. But I don’t know how. The blancki is created because the group filter on the left and the RG of items on the right are in a group.

Thanks for your help !

Hey @thomas.gounot :wave:

Let me try to take a guess for you. There are a few different ways that you could solve this, I believe. Here is one way that might work…

Try changing the repeating group to full list. It looks like you are displaying the repeating group by page. That is good because normally the full list wouldn’t really be a good idea. I think in your case, it should be better.

Let me know if that works.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Another alternative is to stack all content groups vertically.

Do not worry if your page becomes ultra long in the editor. When you have them stacked vertically and show one content block at a time … you get rid of that space below.

Thanks for your answers !

@J805, if mty RG is in Full list, I can’t offer pagination to my user… Or mayb is there a solution ?

Ok @cmarchan, I will make a try!

Hey @thomas.gounot :wave:

Hmmm. Good question. Maybe just try making the repeating group smaller? So it doesn’t have so much empty space. I think you might just need to find a good medium ground between showing enough data and having the last page showing some empty space.

Otherwise it would be a completely different workaround. Something like… if it’s the last page display a different repeating group as a full list. Or something like that. Not even sure if that would work. This might work for you.

Or instead of pages, using an extended scroll repeating group.

So there are some work arounds if you really want to, but the easiest fix is just to make the repeating group show less results to start or turning off the last page of the results with this checkbox.

Let me know how it goes and which direction you end up taking. :blush:

You can still offer pagination, but just not the workflow action paginations…you would set it to full list and then you can use the :items from and :items until operators to create your own pagination…this method takes a bit of time and requires some custom states.

When I first began building responsive search results pages, I used this method to include pagination and it works fine, but is a pain to set up.

Finally found an easy solution which is the list shifter plugin built in pagination feature.

This is karmaware plugin, so free to test out and use, and once you realize the full power of it, to maintain good karma, it is advised to drop off some coin to the plugin developer.

The more I use the plugin the more useful it becomes as its full power becomes understood.

I started out using it only for the pagination, but now use it for more of the things it can do, like assist with a shopping cart, scheduling dates blah blah blah.

You would just put the list shifter element on the page, set the datasource of the list shifter the same way you do for a repeating group to get your filtering in place and then you set your repeating group datasource to the list shifter element.

Lastly, you could also look into installing another free plugin called Classify, which gives you an ability to add classes to elements so you use some CSS to manipulate and control their heights and widths.

I used it recently to limit the height of a full list repeating group as well as the popup the repeating group is displayed in.

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