Resume uploads not appearing in app data

I have a form where visitors enter in simple info and then upload their resume. All the info is received correctly in the app data section except the resume. For the resume I see a text field like this:


How can I view these resumes uploads? Should these appear in file manager also?


Which kind of field is “resume” ? Text field or file field?

The resume field is a file field.

And Can you show the setting of your file uploader / Create or update thing action?

Hey thanks for helping! I added two screenshots below, is this what you are looking for? (not sure what the create/update thing is)

Not exactly. You are not using the Auto-binding. So this mean that you have an action that either “Create a new thing” or “Update thing”. Probably when user submit the form. Can you show this action?

I hope this is it!?

That seem fine. In DB you will not see the file itself but clicking on see after the file link should bring you to the file