Retain information for current user from before google login step is run

Hey everyone,

I guess bubble updated some things recently and it broke a couple of things.
I have been developing a web app where I take some information from a user (user doesn’t necessarily have to be logged in), and based on the information some output is generated. I associate the output generated to current user, because it’s possible that the information generated is not useful to the user. This information is presented on the next page and if the user wants to save this information, there’s a button to create a new thing and save this information. This would involve the user logging in through google. This was working fine till last week. To clarify the previous process in brief:

User’s output gets generated > User clicks on save button > a state “logged out user info” is set on an element in the page with the required information (current user) > user signs in through google auth > user is directed to the page again, current user is assigned the “logged out user info”

This is not working anymore because the moment the google sign up step runs, after the page reloads it seems the information from the state set gets lost.

Question: How can I achieve my objective of allowing a user to reach a certain stage with the output, then if the output is helpful and user wants to save it user can sign in and create a new thing?