Retrieve alternative items

Hi guys,

How can I retrieve alternative items in a list. For example, i have a list of 7 users in a custom state. I would like to retrieve user 1, user 3, user 5 and user 7

You’d like to get random items or items following some rule (odd items as in your example)?

I want to be able to get odd items and be also able to get even items.


odd items:

current cell’s index <-modulo-> 2 is 1

even items:

current cell’s index <-modulo-> 2 is 0

The items are in a custom state, not in an RG. or let’s say the items are in the database, but I want to get the items before putting in an RG. Or even if it’s in an RG, how do we get those intems in a state? I know using the current cell’s index can only modify physical attributes on the RG like the color. How can i take out the list that results from the modulo operation?

I understand how this works when you need to do an action on a repeating group, like change colors of the rows, but i don’t understand how to use this to retrieve the odd values from a repeating group into a custom state. Can you provide an example for that?

Ok. this is really close. i realize here that you used a column within the user table to determine which item is selected. Do you have a solution if i have to use the item index or item#? :pray: