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Retrieve contacts from phone to bubble app

Hi folks!

I’ve read some topics and posts about import contacts from your phone to create a contact list on your bubble app but I didn’t really find the answer… so I try my luck here :wink:

I need to allow my users to select contacts from their phone to send them an invitation to join their project.

I know how to send a sms to someone with that this:

< a href=“sms:Phone Number &body=Text Message”>Send SMS < /a>

But I don’t know how to allow my users to retrieve their contacts…

Thks for helping :pray: :pray: :pray:


Hello @cam.from

You can do it only under Apple or Google apps.

Easy solution: 10 min. to build FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:


Hi @JohnMark

Using jasonelle, do I have to add a plugin or some code to fetch and import the phone contacts? I’ve read your topic but I didn’t really find the answer… Maybe I missed it :no_mouth:

Thks for your help :pray:

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Hi @cam.from

To extract the contacts, you must call a jasonelle function and retrieve them. Look at the Jasonelle doc and / or ask the Telegram Jasonelle forum.


Alright, I’m gonna see that!

Thks :pray:

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please is it bubble plugin?