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I’m having issues retrieving data from a URL, I created a video here explaining what I mean: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I hope someone can point me in the right direction, thank you so much :slight_smile:

It looks like your ‘join-store’ page is set up for ‘User’ data and not ‘Store’ data…

Make sure the Join-Store page has ‘Store’ as its content type, then as long as the generated URL contains a valid Store slug, you can access the store data by using Current Page Store

Also, I don’t think you’re generating the URL correctly in the first place…

I would just use Current User's Store's Link, then select the join-store page to generate the URL

This is awesome @adamhholmes

Never thought of it, but I’m not able to find the join_store page here:

There’s another page called store, that’s the one is shows up, let me know, thanks

That’s because the join-store page doesn’t have a content type of Store (a Thing will only have links to pages that use its type as their content-type).

As I said in my last reply, your join store page has to have a content type of Store if you want to be able to use the URL slug to retrieve Store data, so make sure to set up the join store page content type correctly.

Thank you Adam!

I’ve set it up, but when I scan it, its not showing the store name which is just for a test, so I’m wondering if this dynamic data set up for the generated image Code is right:

When Scanned, it’s supposed to show the name of the cashier’s store as you can see here:

But it shows nothing:

I can only make a guess as to what’s wrong here, without knowing or seeing more about your app (I can’t even see the URL in the screenshot)…

But, if no data is showing, then the likelihood is either there is no relevant data to show i.e. the current page Store doesn’t have a name), or there are privacy rules preventing it being shown…

So I’d check both of those things first…

If you still can’t get it working, feel free to share some more details info (or a link to your editor)…

Hey Adams, thanks man, it worked, someone with more experience helped me resolve it, thank you so much

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