Retrieve email from email verification link

Is there a way to retrieve the email address where the email verification was sent, after a user clicks the link inside the email?
Thanks in advance

@freviewsapp Verification links will be sent to the email associated with the user account. You can check your server logs to show where the email was sent.

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Hi, thanks for your reply!

I wanted to do a workflow like:

  • A person signs up, and has in database the child “verified_email = false”
  • Receives the verification email
  • Gets inside the verification page (which isn’t main page)
  • When the verification page loads, the child “verified_email = true” and the user is able to log in

I am not able to do the last point, in fact I did the first three, and I managed to do the last one in the way I explained in the first post, but I don’t think that I can access programmatically server logs.
Would you be able to help me?