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Retrieve Information from specific database block

Hello all,

I have a quick question about my first bubble mobile project.
I have on a page a repeating group with different parameters (block 1: name, weight, location ; block 2: name, weight location ect). The information of it is retrieved from the database.
Now I navigate by clicking on one of these blocks with the key navigation method to another page. On this page I want to retrieve certain parameters from the database of exactly this database entry (e.g. block 1). Like on this tutorial on a “non-mobile” page
Unfortunately I don’t succeed - does anyone have an idea how to get this to work?

On the “new page” I have set “Type of content” to the content of the database and on my textfield I have set a dynamic text “Parent groups **value’**s data_name”


Hi there, @iv4n… you mention navigating to another page, but the video you referenced is using URL parameters to show different groups on the same page. So, are you actually navigating to a separate page that has a type of content set for it? If you are, you can send the current cell’s thing to the new page as part of the navigation workflow, and you will be able to access the thing’s data on the new page. If you are not navigating to a new page, you could consider setting a custom state to the current cell’s thing when a thing is clicked, and you could use the custom state to drive the functionality that shows the thing’s details.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc , thanks a lot for your fast response. Indeed I just use one page and navigate through them using URL parameters.
When I set a custom state to the button which brings me to the page where I want show the specific information of the mentioned block.
How do I retrieve the information of this specific block using custom states?
Thanks a lot for your help!


If you have a custom state with a state type that is the same as the data you are displaying in the repeating group, you can set the custom state to the current cell’s thing when a row is clicked. Then, if you have a group on the page that has a data source of the custom state, you will be able to display the details of the custom state’s value (i.e., the current cell’s thing) in the elements within the group.

Dear Mike,

thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I overlooked this - somehow I did not receive a notification.
I have too little experience with custom states. But now I managed to do it in another way.
I used the function “Get pas from page URL” on the mentioned page as “Data source” and then used this command to get the data from the previous page, that worked too!



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