Retrieve list field contents for a data type via Bubble App connector


I am struggling to retrieve the contents of some fields from a data type from one bubble app to another via the Bubble App Connector.

App 1 - a web app for readers to find new books and authors, which has a database of things such as authors, books etc (these each have a lot of fields)
App 2 - an author web profile service (like Linktree but specifically for authors) - accesses the data from App1 via the App Connector.

I have no problem with retrieving most of the data from App1, however when I try to access some fields that are a type ‘list’ I’m running into errors.


This does work - retrieve a list that is made up of another data type (e.g. a list of books associated with a specific author)

This doesn’t work - retrieve a list of book genres that are associated with a specific author (genres are added to each author via a form and the source list of genres are from an option set).

Can anyone shed any light on the above, or point me towards any limitations in the App Connector?

Many thanks.

Is there some limitation

Okay, from the inspector. I’m getting everything else through correctly, however this list of things appears incomplete.

Is it the case that a data type list field populated by items from an Option Set cannot be shared via an API?