Retrieve value from repeating group row and use it as a text label

Hello. I need to retrieve a specific value from a repeating group and display it as a dynamic text label outside of the group. Specifically, I have a repeating group that displays a date and a number (formatted as currency). I need to be able to use a date field from outside of the group to lookup the row in the repeating group which has the same date and then retrieve the same cell’s number (formatted as currency).

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

The best way I see this being accomplished is through a custom state.

  1. Create a workflow when the date input is changed (or when a button is clicked and the date input isn’t empty)

  2. Step 1 of the workflow should be setting a custom state. For this example, I’ll name this state “selected item”. The data type of this should be the same as the repeating group. The state is NOT a list (unless you want to get multiple rows of data).

  3. The value that goes in step one should be “Repeating Group’s List of Items: filtered [date = date input’s value]: first item”

  4. Now that the value of “selected item” is not empty, the value’s number can be fetched to be displayed outside of the repeating group along with any other data you need.

Hope this makes sense,

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m having a hard time getting it to work I think because the repeating group I need to filter is of type “number” not date. I’m using the “list of numbers” as the repeating group source to show 600 rows.

Then I have two separate text display fields showing “date” (calculated to add one month to each row) and a text field showing a “currency” (which is adding an amount to each row to show the balance increasing over time).

I think your suggestion would work if I could filter this repeating group but I can’t seem to do it. Thanks again.

The same principals apply. You could just create a “selected date” state (type = date) and a “selected number” state (type = number).

You can obviously just enter the cell’s number value for “selected number” but for “date selected” you have 2 options:

  1. Use the same calculation you used in the cell’s text field that displays the date
  2. Change the text field that displays the date into an input (be sure to disable it)

This should work.

I think you’ve lost me. Are you saying I need to set 2 states? One for date and one for number? I’ve never used states before so this is new to me.

How would I then call these states into another field? Here is a link to the page:

You will be asked for an Element. Select the page. Then you will need to create a new state. Start off with a number state.

When you select a cell, the workflow should be to set the number state’s value to the cell’s number.

Then repeat this process with the date state.

Now you can retrieve the number & date values you selected by selecting the page name’s state name’s value. So that might look like “index’s number’s value” or “index’s date’s value”

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