Retrieving a record, setting a var with unique id calling a differ rec with that ID

Hi Bubble Community
I’ve been having trouble retrieving the correct record from a database in an app that I am working on. Since there is a lot going on in that app I decided to simplify by creating a test app. Even in this simplified form, I am watching the app retrieve what I perceive to be the correct record only to mysteriously display and write another one’s data to a transDB and displayDB. These databases are just designed to shed light on the retrieval. I am hoping that someone can take a look at the app and explain what I am doing wrong. simply adds records to an input DB. Their is a simple query that allows the user to select a type of parking spot and whether the spot is engaged. I am running a query that selects a “metered” spot where the engaged field is set to “No”. If it finds a record that matches the criteria it sets an invisible element to the unique ID of that record. It then uses that unique ID carried in the invisible element to select the correct record and populate two databases and display some of the fields on a second page. There are two records that match this criteria. I’ve stepped through the editor to watch the app select an appropriate record and record the right unique id but by the time the app is using that ID to populate the databases and second page a second record is selected. If anyone has an idea of what is happening I’d appreciate some guidance. Thanks, Chris

In order to get help with “what’s going on” you will need to share the app editor…think about it like going to the mechanic…you tell them what is going on ( as your post does ), you show them what is going on ( as the app link does ) but then the mechanic will tell you to leave the car so they can look at the engine and other mechanical parts ( ie: the editor ) before they can give you an accurate depiction of what the problem is.

Thanks for the reply boston85719. I thought access to the editor was automatically granted. I’ll check permissions and make it available.

Sorry folks. Everyone can now edit.
Thanks again