Retrieving addresses from CSV entries uploaded to app


I am building a map with all football clubs in the region where I live in Eastern France. I have the name of all clubs, provided by the governing body (±750), but not the addresses. So far, I have been inserting them individually and using Google Places API for me to retrieve their addresses automatically when Google Places had those in their databases. When they had not, I inserted them manually, looking for the address and typing them into the database.

What I would like to do is to upload all the remaining clubs I have stored in a CSV file and then create a workflow or any other process to check each name and see if google places had an entry for those. When they had, I’d like the address to be imported straight into my database (and I’d handle the remaining ones manually after the bulk of the work was done).

Can anyone show me the path to find a way out of the manual work? Thanks in advance!