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Hello there, roleplayers!

We just wanted to tell you all about our new (kind of) CAD/MDT company. Our company sells CADs from $5 (Simple) to $30 (Gold Package), meaning there’s a CAD/MDT for everyone. Unlike other companies, we sell in packages that come with unlimited bug fixes and five free upgrades.

More information about us, our CAD packages or about our team is available on our Discord server linked below. To create a ticket, use the website and sign up for a free account. It’s in our motto: Quality CADs, always.


Hey there,

Nice website. Do you know you are linking people to the development version?

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Whoops! We’ll change that, thanks for the heads up!


New Ticketing System
Bug fixes
If you have already created a ticket, you’ll unfortunately have to open another one as all the tickets were deleted during the update.

New updates:

We just launched Annex, a new COMPLETELY FREE application system!

could you send another discord inv?

Here - https://discord.gg/a4wZpen