Return custom Headers from API workflow

Is it still not possible to add custom headers when using ‘Return data from API’ action in a backed workflow?
I need to be able to send a header with a signature in the response to an IPN.

If this is still not possible through Bubble, what other options do I have?

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If you can’t do that in bubble, Use a cloud function via cloudflare, Firebase, supabase, xano, etc

I thought you could tho. I’ll have to check.

I thought: In the “return data from api” action. If you return text. You can set the headers and you just need to define the response body.

Yes, I am thinking of using an intermediate service for the task.
Bubble only allows editing of the response body. I did not find any options to add/edit response headers

That’s right. Sorry! You can only modify the content type. Seems like an easy engineering lift to add an input for additional headers :man_shrugging:

You would think so, but I’ve found years old threads about this issue…

I built a containerized server that can handle the IPN response and forward it to Bubble as well. It’s a shame this can’t be solved within Bubble.

What is the best way these days to deploy a server like this? It’s currently running on a rented Contabo VPS.