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Return data from an Action


I am developing an Action within a plugin which needs to return 3 pieces of data to be inserted into a data type. I think the current plugin structure doesn’t allow for this, so I am wondering if there are any known work arounds?


it would really help a lot if we knew what plugin your looking to work with.

Can you not push the 3 bits of data in a transparent elements custom states and the recover them from there to push into your data type…

I just made the plugin open source. It integrates EasyCron with Bubble to allow more flexible scheduling. Link

The Action is called FormatCRONTime, and it is essentially a way of taking a user provided time (hour/minutes/day of week) and their timezone (gmt offset in seconds). Then adjusting it to UTC time (provided your EasyCron account is set to UTC) to be used when calling EasyCron - Add API.

I didn’t really want to go down this route, as it feels needlessly complicated. Are there any other workarounds?

I ended up converting the Action into a Element and publishing 3 custom states as suggested by @DaveA.

Its currently the cleanest way to return data to the workflow. Triggering an event is useful too, to get the right timing for when the data is available.