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Return Data from API fields don't support mixed static/dynamic values

Hi there,
I’m building API workflows and making great progress. However, I find it curious that when you create a return field in a Return Data from API workflow step, that you can set it either to a static response (say some text), a dynamic response (with all that offers) but NOT BOTH.

For example, I want to return a customized URL link to the API caller as one of my JSON response elements. The first part of the URL is static - think “…” and then would come the unique param as “link”'s value. But unlike virtually every other field in a Bubble workflow, adding the dynamic value overwrites the static text I’ve entered in that field. There is no way to mingle the two.

This is strange because it is the only workflow field that seems to behave this way.

Can this be changed to support a combination of static and dynamic values?