Return data (in a custom event) doesn't return a list

When I set the return data as a list, it doesn’t seem to return anything.

Here’s a simple test case where I return a list of texts (h1, h2, h3, h4).
However the return value seems to be always empty.

Am I doing something wrongly or is return data not ready for lists yet?

Return value is set to a list (of texts) type:


As far as I can see, this should return the heading tags you specified. I’m sure you’ve checked this, but have you used the debugger? Could the issue be with displaying the text after it’s returned?

Hey, the return data is a list of texts:

But when I use Result of step > returned value, it is empty:

I thought it might have been resolved by the recent fix, but apparently it’s not. @grace.hong

Submit a bug report at Bug Report | Bubble with the info from this thread and a demo test page in your app :slight_smile:

Oh ok, thanks!

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