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Return key in input causes entire app to shift left

This is an app I’m building in the “native” style, so everything is in groups on one page.

One of the groups is a login/register thing. When I type in my password and hit the return key, the whole app shifts halfway to the left.

and it stays that way while responding to whichever elements are still accessible.

I have to refresh the browser to get it back where it’s supposed to be.

Hey @blueback09 :slight_smile: I just created a new test account. When I clicked enter after typing in the password to login, the elements didn’t shift to the left. Are you using Chrome?

Yep, I’m in chrome.

Hmm, I’m also on Chrome and it works as expected.

@emmanuel is this maybe a bug?

The coordinates of the groups in the page index are X=0, Y=0, just like they’re supposed to be, but they’re being displayed half the width in the negative X direction after I hit the return key in the login password field.

I get this problem as well on Mac with Safari.

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