Return Random Item

I have poker application and it works. The issue I currently have is with dealing out cards. I have a database with 52 records. 1 record for each card.
Fields: Card, PlayerID
The way I deal out cards is in a workflow I make a change to the thing “Playing Cards” I return a random record and assign the PlayerID to that record. The issue is when I save multiple times in workflow it returns the same random item. Example Button Deal to Table workflow. In Button workflow call Event. Do this once it is fine. If in the Button Workflow I call the event twice it returns the same random record. The workaround is I duplicate the button workflow and call the event once each time. So in the situation, I have 5 button workflows calling the event once each. First screen shot is the save. The second screen shot does not work. The third is the workaround.

I’m on hobby account.