Return the user if the account already exists Not working

Hi :slight_smile:
I am not sure to understand well the use of “return the user if the account already exists”.
I have a workflow to create and account for someone else, and I ticked the option above but when I send the invitation to an existing user, the existing user receives the email, il able to login and create a new account that overwrites his previous account!
Is there something I am doing wrong? Or maybe I am missing something regarding the “return the user if the account already exists” option…?
Thanks a lot of any help you could provide! :slight_smile:

A bit late here, but the tick box works the opposite of what you are thinking.

By ticking returning the user, you are allowing the rest of the workflow to run, even though the user already exists. Unticking the box will return an error that the user already exists.


Answer to @K.T

See documentation: Return the user if the account already exists

When creating a new user that already exists, e.g., the email is already in the application database, the action returns an error. Check this box, and the action will simply return the user so that you can manipulate it in subsequent actions.

I tested this and it does return the details of the already existing user.


Thank you guys! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: